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Save £10 on buying the Kindle ebooks in this inspiring bundle.

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LOST writers getting an award (licensed image from Dreamstime)
LOST writers getting an award (licensed image from Dreamstime)

From Script Writing course Big Bad USP advice:

“If you can’t identify any of the movies below, there is something wrong with you. Get off your ass and start watching movies.

• An apartment is being used as a ‘sex room’ at day time.
• A man wants to look for the murderer of his wife but has short-term memory loss.
• A couple separated but live in the same house.
• Romeo and Juliet in a sinking boat.

Many producers say that the best concepts can be told in two sentences or even one. I believe that, at least when we are talking about commercial films. The point being, one line is all it takes for the movie to be identifiable.”

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Ever wanted to write? This site has a Script writing course and a Fiction writing course, plus How to write in Genres such as Crime, Detective, Romance, SF etc. Plus poetry and copy writing.
Written by fiction and script professionals who also teach.

This site is made up of some lesson modules and exercises from our successful courses and ebooks.

How do I do the courses? Just use the navigation to follow our online extracts.

If you like these extracts, please link to the site from your writing blog or whatever it is you are doing.

Improve your creative writing now

Karena Andrusyshyn M.Ed. is our experienced Fiction tutor. Says Karena: “Anyone can learn to write! If you can talk, you can write. However, to write in a way where others want to read takes training, guidance and practice. You can get that here from experienced writers who have also taught writing and they know how to mentor new talent.

We all have stories to tell, but schools do not often teach us really how to express them. They teach us to understand literature in an academic way and to write academically, but not how to create stories others want to read.

Did your papers come back full of red marks for grammar and spelling? These are mechanical afterthoughts that can be fixed with your word processor.

Did your teacher say you needed more organization? Maybe you do, but there are many ways to organize writing. It depends upon your intent.

The craft of writing is what we can teach and the art of writing is what we inspire.

Our teachers can guide and inspire you, and help you find your own niche.

Our site offers you instruction, constructive criticism, and networking with writers, teachers and other developing writers.

Here you will find helpful articles and carefully crafted exercises, step by step guidance and helpful feedback as you develop your skills and find your voice.

Let us help bring out the writer in you.

If you are a writer or still learning: please email me using the contact page and I will try and promote your work or blog.

After our best value bundle, why not check out these top writing books now!

From makers of Story Software, Notes Story Board v2.2, Story Lite, Story Live
From makers of Notes Story Board



The courses are also available as ebooks – which means you can do them when mobile. See Ebooks listing page for details >

Editor Geoff Davis also has a few ebooks of old print books out this year, these will be mentioned in the blog when available.

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