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Novel written on social media

reddit novel
reddit novel
If you get bored thinking about – or dealing with – publishing, you could always part-publish via social media. In the olden days, hypertext fiction was briefly fashionable in academia. This was non-linear narrative via linked pages, with multiple exits and entrances, such that the reader could follow different routes.
Of course this undermines any narrative. Which is usually (but not always) the main point of a story after all.

Anyway below is a link to a long-form text being written on Reddit. It is fairly mixed up, multiple strands, interspersed with random links from other Reddit users (explore with care, these random links are more scary than the main story).

This means loads of comments from other Reddit users. There is no personal information about the author. How mysterious!

The writer is called _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9
That might be a pen-name. Or the title.

and the link is:
Reddit novel-thing from _9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9