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Story Turbo now Pay What You Want

NEWS Feb 2016: Our new writing and creativity app is NOTES STORY BOARD – please visit the site to get it >

Get Story Turbo writing software
Get Story Turbo writing software
Access to this online creative writing courses site is now also to people who have paid something towards Story Turbo, our zooming writing app for desktop PC and Mac, that is used for story boarding, editing, arrangement of chapters or sections, etc.
Story Turbo is very flexible and has been used for all sorts of things, many not even writing related such as family histories, as it uses multiple text boxes and images on a zooming canvas.

Microsoft Office app Notes With Links Plus Panels
Microsoft Office app Notes With Links Plus Panels
It is also for users of Notes With Links, our Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2013 plugin app, which you can get from the Microsoft Store >

(Feb 2016) If you want to get the latest version of this ‘essential’ and popular writers’ desktop app, please go to the Notes Story Board site >

Improve your creative writing with Story Software writers apps

Story Software logo
Story Software
This courses website is run by Story Software is a Microsoft BizSpark startup. They make the following PC and Apple Mac creative writing and notes productivity applications:

Story Turbo writers and productivity software
Story Turbo writers and productivity software
Story Turbo – 5 star reviewed – Pay What You Want (no ads which are added by free software sites) – Notes and Story boarding software, zooming canvas with multiple text editors (word processors) and image import. Used by writers for notes, ideas, editing, chapter ordering, sequencing etc. Can also be used to create graphic novels or comics, since text can be combined with images. It has a Publish button that allows full export in formatted text with images, web page, or image format.

Story Lite – 5 star reviewed – similar to Story Turbo but a reduced feature set and no image import. Story Lite was the original application from 2011, I have kept it as some people do not need images in their work. This is now replaced by the free Story Turbo.

Story Software Main Site – this is a new site for our general information – just a set of links to these other things at present!